• Hannover-Bilder

    Hallo Germans.

    First, I hope it's okay I write in English, my German is not so good (I understand it quite well, but don't speak/write it very good). I'm new here from Dänemark, and I've been looking at this forum some time. I was in Hannover the other day, and took a bunch of photos, and a guy on skyscrapercity suggested that I showed them here. Again, hope it's okay with the English, feel free to reply in German (if anyone has anything to say). :)

    Okay, here's the photos, all taken last monday:

    And finally a panorama from the top of the Rathaus (click to enlarge):

    Ich denke Hannover ist sehr schön :ja:

  • this is the best photo series of hannover I've ever seen. if I didn't know better, I would think hannover is really attractive.

  • Welcome to the DAF mikael :)

    Amazing Pictures from an amazing Photographer :daumen:
    I've never been to Hannover but it looks very nice on your pictures. Especially the houses on your 6th pictures are fantastic.

  • These pictures are really wonderful and definitely amongst the best I've seen in these forums - so far :daumen:

  • Among others what was already mentioned above i think they have the best Karstadt building i have ever seen. It would be lovely if you can also post some photo sessions of denmark cities here.


  • Thank you for the nice replies, I'm glad my photos are appriciated.

    @ LugPaj: I think it should be possible to show some Danish cities here, I'll go through my archive and see if I find something interesting. :)