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  • Frag das Ost-Forum

    Hi everyone. I am in Berlin with my girlfriend and two baby twin girls and we would like to do a getaway to East Germany and stay in a beautiful hotel. I have a bit of the ostalgie in me, but I am not very informed or knowledgeable in the field of architecture of East Germany.

    Where should we go and which hotel do you find particularly beautiful and authentic today?

    Something similar to these hotels:…es-Sozialismus-wurde.html

    We have considered Chemnitz, Dresden and Leipzig, but anything in a distance of a few hours and in connection with the train is a must. Hotels near lakes and beautiful landscapes would be relevant as well.

    You can write in German. I am able to read, but not really write German.

    Thank you!

  • So what are you actually interested in? Nice cities and places in former east Germany or cities particulary shaped by communist architecture?

  • Cities particulary shaped by communist architecture, yes, but also more specific hotels in nice East German cities that have some of the former DDR grandeur aesthetically.

    A hotel in the country side with some of these features would be great too. Maybe next to one of the rivers or a lake.

  • Most of the cities "blessed" with GDR architecture in a dominant way are not considered to be the prettiest. Anyway, since you are in Berlin, Potsdam is an obvious choice. Other cities in the region which could interest you are Cottbus, Eisenhüttenstadt, Frankfurt an der Oder or Neubrandenburg. Though I'm not sure if these cities are fitting for a longer stay or holiday with two little kids.
    If it is not too far away, I would recommend Rostock on the baltic see. Hotel Neptun was quite famous (and unreachable) during communist times. The city is nice and provides quite a large range of GDR architecture from hanseatic shaped stalinism to extended Plattenbau quarters of (at least IMO) higher quality than in many other cities and postmodernist examples from the 80s.

    PS: Dresden is of course always worth a visit. You could stay at Hotel Bellevue, built in the 80s incorporating a baroque building and garden.

  • Thanks a lot!

    We are not afraid of "ugly" buildings and city landscapes. It has it''s own charm if we are only there for a night or two.

    But Rostock is a good idea. When we are returning to Denmark we could stay at Hotel Neptun and take the ferry to Gedser.