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    First of all I apologize, but I don't speak German. I found this forum useful and I am reading it with google translate.

    I am considering to buy an apartment (Neubau) in Offenbach and I would like to receive your help and your opinions since I am not very familiar with the area and the building sector in Germany.
    The expected completion of the apartment is in May/June 2019 and it will be located close to the Hafen area, in the Goethequartier (500 m in the North-East from S-Bahn Ledermuseum).

    I decided to buy there since the prices in Frankfurt are extremely expensive and out of my budget. Moreover, there is a good public transport system (4 lines S-Bahn) and direct connection with the Airport, the river is close, the city of Frankfurt is close.However I know that the city of Offenbach does not have a good reputation. I visited the area several times and I saw there are many project on going (Innovation campus, Viktoria viertel, Goetherquartie), so I hope it will further develop.
    Here my questions:
    1) What do you think about the requalification of the Goethequartier and in general about the perspectives of Offenbach? Will it be successful?
    2) Do you think the noise originated by the plane is a serious issue for the value of the apartment?
    3) Which aspects, in your view, should I consider before to decide to buy?

    An alternative option, although a bit more expensive, would be in Gallusviertel (1 km on the west side of the S-Bahn station, Under Mainzer Landstrasse, so very close to the train station. What do you think about this area? I see it is close to the Europa Viertel, so it might also be subject to further development. What do you think is better?

    Many thanks

  • Hello Antonio,

    I am not 100 percent sure, but as far as I know the "Goethequartier" was sold as a whole to "Nassauische Heimstätte", a public housing company.

    Best regards,

  • Thanks Humpty,
    I understand the location of my apartment is close to the Goethequartier (Bettinastrasse), not inside.

    Could you please tell me something about my other questions?
    How is Offenbach and how is developing?
    On the paper it seems that many projects are on-going and the city will change very much.


  • Hello Antonio,

    1.) Offenbach is coming up last 10 years and this process will go on. Offenbach is very central with public transport often more than parts of Frankfurt. If you explore Offenbach you will find a lot of nice places and people.…n_Englisch_07.11.2016.pdf

    2.) Because of the airplane noise from Frankfurt Airport there are very less possibilities to plan new buildings. 10 years ago very much people in Offenbach lost money (less value) because of the airplane noise, but now everybody knows.

    New buildings all have special window glass. An one thing regarding airplane noise - if there is „east-weather“ most time sunny - there is less airplane noise - because all the landings are in the west (near Mainz) At „east-weather“ you have „only some“ starting airplanes in Offenbach.

    3.) This time it is much cheaper to rent (Offenbach / Frankfurt) than to buy.
    My recommendation is: stay some time before you buy.

  • Living in this part of Offenbach can be quite nice.
    By end of 2019 there will be a Supermarket in Goethequartier, until then you have to go to Löwenstraße. A small Multiplex-Cinema with seven screens is on Berliner straße. You find several not-so-posh, but really friendly restaurants within ten minutes walking distance, and you can reach the center of the city in 15 minutes.
    Jogging and biking on the riverbanks are nice and you can reach Frakfurt along the river in twenty minutes by bike.
    I have been living there for thirty years before moving to Cologne.

  • Thanks Francesco and Xalinai for your answer :).

    Francesco: are you also Italian? Your name seems really Italian :)).
    Why do you think it is better to rent? I see that prices are increasing and if the development of Offenbach and Frankfurt continue and the population will grow l, they will be even higher. The price In Offenbach for renting new apartments is about 12 euro/sqm. So for 100mq you pay(Kalt) around 1200. If you add a bit more you can pay a mortgage to buy. An I wrong?
    For new apartment the price for buying is about 3700/4000 mq.domyou think is too expensive?

    Xalinai: for the food I am thinking to go to the tree in the Hagen. It is only 500 meters and there I can find also Dm, Almanatura and other shops. I also like Offenbach because there are very good place for eating.

    One techinal question for the architects of the forum: in the description of the apartment(bausbescribung) I cannot find the energy class (A,B,C ecc), it is only stated that the apartment is not eligible for KfW55. Where can I find this information(the energy class)? The non eligibility for KfW 55 is a serious problem?
    Many thanks

  • What is better for you, only you can find out: rent? or buy?

    Very often people forget the extra costs, like % for the broker, % for notary, % real estate tax
    and if you buy an owner occupied flat, you have to pay all time, additionally to interest and repayment of your debt, land tax, residential home apportionment and insurance.
    If you rent, the base rent (cold) includes land tax, residential home apportionment and insurance.

    If you like to calculate roughly use this link for example.
    I recommodate to read this article at Spiegel.

    If you consider to live in Offenbach for decision I give you the clue to make a tour with oflovesyou.
    Have a look at the website: oflovesyou

    and …
    I have only some italian blood ;-) 3 generations ago, but I like Italy (and France) because of the food.
    In Offenbach you can find some good places to buy italian food or to eat in italian restaurants.
    At the weekly market (3x the week) Maria Castiglione is an highlight.
    From friar's beard to cedro you can find any thing to cook italian food by yourself.
    For example cedar salad | by Katrin, friend and foodbloging woman, living in Offenbach.

    Near the market is Il-Pasticcino to drink an quick espresso and a canollo or better a bottle of Franciacorta with friends. ;-)
    Very near to the market is the "famous" mozzarella-manufactory" (for 40 years) L´Abbate.
    An good italian, down to earth restaurant for example is Trattodino.
    If you want to spent more money you can go to Die Zwei always expensive cars in the absolute no stoping zone in front of the door.
    (with no parking violation ticket)
    An good wood oven pizzeria for example is La Pineta.
    An simple, „confused“ cafe, but with very much charm is caffe-cuore (guitar live music each thursday evening by Franco)

    So I could write much more, but better you explore Offenbach by yourself! ;-)

    One last tipp - and there you can see & taste the change in Offenbach, is the restaurant backschaft.
    (For me one of the best openings in 2017 in Rhein-Main)
    Last 10 years there was only one top restaurant in Offenbach which is schauMahl (sommelier | an italian | Raffaele Fazio) Gault Millau 16 points.

  • Buying property isn't easy. I hope I can help you with some of your points.

    1) What do you think about the requalification of the Goethequartier and in general about the perspectives of Offenbach? Will it be successful?

    Let's start with... well... the reputation. You shouldn't rely too much on local opinions.
    Within Hessen Offenbach has quite a bad reputation but that's more about an ever ongoing rivalry between Offenbach an Frankfurt.
    Frankfurt has quite a bad reputation in Germany as Offenbach has one within Hessen. I personally think neither city is deserving it.

    Now about the area you're interested in. Nordend (which Bettinastraße is part of) is currently benifiting from the ongoing developement at Offenbach Quays (Hafen).
    Also transport-wise the area is fairly attractive. Frankfurt City Centre can be reched in just 10 minutes from Ledermuseum or Kaiserlei Station while trains run every 5-10 minutes. There also is a 24 hours Metro and Bus service between Frankfurt and Offenbach leaving Offenbach better connected than some parts of Frankfurt.
    Two Main-Line Stations (Frankfurt Hbf and Hanau) are accessible in approx. 15 minutes from Offenbach City Centre.
    There are also Cinemas (Cinemaxx, unfortunately less interesting if you're don't understand German as they lack OV screenings and Hafenkino) nice restaurants and the Capitol Theatre in walking distance.

    At last, will Offenbach be successfull? Frankfurt and Offenbach form the core of the whole Region.
    As Frankfurt runs out of room and Offenbach being closer to Frankfurt City Centre than many of Frankfurts own districts I think Offenbach will be in a very good position.

    2) Do you think the noise originated by the plane is a serious issue for the value of the apartment?

    I don't think so. Especially new buildings are well sound proofed. Noise shouldn't be too much of an issue. Also you can't really avoid noise polution anywhere in Rhine-Main. Most parts of Frankfurt have the same problem.

    3) Which aspects, in your view, should I consider before to decide to buy?

    It depends. If Frankfurt is out of your budget but you would like to live in a city. Offenbach is probably a good option.

  • Hello,
    do you know any web site with the historical evolution of the real estate prices in Offenbach and Frankfurt (at least last 15/20 years)?


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  • Postbank Wohnatlas 2018

    Hi Trinita
    Maybe interesting to you: Postbank Wohnatlas 2018

    Postbank's model calculation provides interested buyers who are therefore considering purchasing land outside Frankfurt and commuting to their workplace in the metropolis with a decision-making aid. This calculation was developed by the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI) and is now available in the "Postbank Wohnatlas 2018". It shows when travel costs and time have used up the cost advantage of a cheaper property purchase in the surrounding area. Offenbach came off best. But also the acquisition of a condominium in other cities around Frankfurt can be interesting.

    FNP 13.08.2018


    Where buying is cheaper than renting.

  • Thank you so much, this is a very useful information. I will make some calculation.

    One question about energy efficiency.

    The expected energy consumption of the apartment is the following:
    Endenenergiebedarf: 65 KwH, Mq a, Class B
    Primarenergiebedarf: 32 KwH Mq a, Class A+

    I think this is good, but I don't know exactly how this work in Germany.

    What do you think? Is a good energy efficiency standard?


  • Prices and Rentals | FFM | OF

    Hello Antonio,

    News: Prices and Rentals | FFM | OF

    .... Immoconcept has observed that the search for investment opportunities is focusing more and more on districts outside the city centre, which has largely been cleared. "The company still sees "catch-up potential" in Ginnheim and Höchst, for example, where prices have already risen significantly recently. In recent years, residential prices have already risen disproportionately, especially in the former workers' districts of Ostend and Gallus as well as in the railway station district,
    The very high prices in Frankfurt also meant that buyers were increasingly looking in Offenbach and that prices and rents there were now also increasing significantly. Average prices and rents in the fast-growing neighbouring city were still even lower than in Nieder-Eschbach, Frankfurt's cheapest district. But that will change. Immoconcept expects prices and rents in Offenbach to gradually approach those in Frankfurt.

    According to Lorenz, the prices in Frankfurt are driven among other things by a strong increase in demand from private investors from abroad, especially from Asia. 70 to 80 percent of the housing buyers in the residential towers, which are currently growing into the sky in the Europaviertel, are this group. It was similar with its own small project in Bockenheim. Meanwhile one offers purchase contracts no longer only in German and English, but also in Mandarin, said Lorenz.

    Prices and Rentals
    According to the consulting firm Immoconcept, Frankfurt's most expensive district remains the Westend with average purchase prices of 6573 euros per square metre and rents on offer of 15.79 to 16.10 euros for existing apartments.
    Still most favorable is with rents of well ten euro per square meter for offered inventory dwellings Nieder-Eschbach, with the purchase prices Nied with 2891 euro per square meter.
    The highest price for an apartment was achieved with 16,500 euros per square metre in the Europaviertel, the highest rent with 33 euros per square metre in the new old town.

    FR: ... living in frankfurt-real-estate prices-in-frankfurt

  • Dear All,

    despite several months of delay in the construction of the project I will soon move to my apartment in Offenbach. One of my priority now is to find a good, speed and reliable internet provider. I know this is not an IT forum, however may I kindly ask you to advice me on the best internet provider in Offenbach (Telekom, Unitymedia, Vodafone?) I am not interested in having a traditional phone line, but only a high speed internet connection and maybe the TV.


    Best regards